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James C. Gray

Atlanta, Georgia

I’m James C. Gray and I’m a self-taught artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up in Gary, Indiana during the time of Motown, The Jacksons, Tupperware and the decay of the Rust Belt economics. This is where I developed my love of the Urban signpost - neon, billboards, street marketing and the hubbub of urban-American.

I work primarily in Acrylics. But I’m a whore with my medium... I’ll gladly enter mixed media when and wherever I see the opportunity. My ultimate joy is designing pieces that carry a little visual weight. I like working with large canvases in order to get a sense of mass. A looming structure is always an exciting thing to experience in a space.

I also enjoy creating unique pieces that “appear” to have already existed - but don’t. I’ve created several signs for friends and fans using nothing more than their own inspiration and personality. What more exciting way to express yourself than have your own billboard — even if it’s only on canvas?

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