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Year-Round Availability

Unseasonal Lager – 5.4%

As our only year-round lager, Unseasonal Lager transcends all seasons. A beer outside of all traditional style guidelines, it creates a style of its own.  Our flagship lager was specially crafted by the team at Arches Brewing to be a lager that calls Atlanta home.  A simple American grain bill is treated with old-world techniques creating a distinct color and body which is light enough for summer and strong enough for winter.  All noble hops provide a classic mild and spicy bitterness.

Equilibrium – 5.6%

Equilbrium acknowledges our chemistry roots and is defined by a state which is balanced and permanent. Among many seasonal beers, Equilibrium represents the purity and consistency that we bring to our processes. A grain bill designed to provide a moderate body and improved head retention. Well bittered with notes of grapefruit and spice.  Dry-hopped to bring out a citrus and pine aroma.  This Pale Ale is a recipe that Arches Brewing has been producing for over a decade.

Southern Bel' – 6.8%

Southern Bel' is a deep Belgian Blonde ale with a traditional pilsner malt character and slight toasted biscuit notes. A smooth dry finish accentuated by cloves and fruity Belgian esters.  Lightly hopped with a gentle earthy aroma.  A subtle yet complex beer for the discerning palate.

 Queen's Weiss – 5.3%

A traditional Hefeweizen designed on a Bavarian water profile.  A simple light bodied ale, with a high wheat content to give crispness and a cloudy pale yellow color.  Subtle noble hop bitterness is present.  The star is the yeast, one of the oldest strains in the world, which is specially treated to give bright clove and banana flavors, with a subtle pink bubble gum aftertaste.

Seasonal Availability

Mexican Empire - 5.9% (April-July)

The Vienna lager was all but forgotten until 1861, when Napoleon III invaded Mexico and brought an influx of European brewers to the continent, reintroducing the style with great success. The style is defined by the malt character. Designed on a Viennese water profile, it showcases a light red to orange hue from the kilned Vienna malt gives a rich, nutty character. Light noble hop aroma and slight bitterness takes a back seat to the flavor of the malt profile. Little yeast character is contributed for a clean, dry finish.

Mystik Bock - 7.5% (March-May)

This traditional German lager originated in the 14th-century and was lagered in caves through Winter to be consumed to celebrate the coming of Spring. The strong, sweet malt character is the hallmark of the style, complemented by a deep amber color. The malt character is balanced by a slight hop bitterness that allows the toasted grain and caramel flavors to shine through.

Five Week Sail - 8.4% (January-March)

The Baltic porter, an enchanted style that originated in the Baltic States in the 18th century. This unique style combines the bold flavor of an English Porter and richness of a Russian Imperial Stout. It is the only porter that is a lager, as cold fermentation was necessary to preserve it during the long voyage across the Baltic Sea. This strong style boasts a roasty, caramel profile accompanied by mild chocolate undertones. It pairs very well with powerful meats, particularly game, and other hearty Nordic cuisines.

Winter's Night - 5.5% (December-January)

Munich Dunkel is a culture-defining style that has been brewed for over five centuries. This traditional European dark lager is characterized by a striking dark color and a strong malt flavor. It is complemented by an elusive light mouthfeel which offers a clean crisp finish. This style pairs well with a hearty meal on a cold winter night.

Ennoblement - 8.2% (September-November)

An Imperial Pilsner developed with a larger than normal grain bill which provides a bready malt character, higher alcohol content, and balance. The name Ennoblement comes from the substantial addition of noble hops used to finish this classic pilsner style.  This style is strong enough to compliment any hearty food item on the menu, yet delicate enough to enjoy on its own.

Two Dukes - 7.4% (October-December)

A strong Scotch ale built on peat-smoked malt and roasted barley which showcases a deep smoky aroma. Designed on an Edinburgh water profile, the robust malt gives this beer enough body to sustain the smoke without weighing it down. The English hop profile accentuates spicy and herbal notes. This one is particularly delicious next to a firepit or alongside smoked meats.

Milk Porter - 6.8% (October-February)

This porter was designed as an entrance to Winter. It's roasty characteristics and medium body is complimented coffee and chocolate tones. The addition of lactose leaves some unfermentable sugars which balance out the roast with residual sweetness and smooth mouthfeel. This style fits perfect alongside a hearty Fall or early-Winter meal.

Festbier - 7.1% (September-October)

This traditional lager was designed to celebrate the coming of harvest in Munich. The nutty, sweet malt character serves as a hearty base in this beer. The spicy yet elegant hop character balances the malt body and provides a sharp bitterness before a clean finish.

Bohemian Riot - 5.5% (July-September)

Built on a simple grain bill, our German Pilsner is brewed with traditional lager ingredients delivering a clean, light body.  Noble hops add a slight bitterness while allowing the distinctive spicy and piney aroma characteristics to show through. With a crisp, dry finish, this style is best enjoyed in warm temperatures. 

Limited Release & Specialty

Jubilance - 8.5% (December)

A rich and spicy holiday ale to celebrate the joyous time of year.  Created with seven different grains, this style offers a sweet and slightly toasted foundation.  Honey lightens the body and dries the finish out.  Ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon contribute to the character of the beer, contributing to the nose of the beer and adding the bite of spice.  The hop profile is light, but compliments the spices by contributing a gentle aroma and mild bitterness.  This limited release is perfect for a fireside chat with family and friends.

Belgian Tripel - 8.8%

Our Belgian Tripel has been developed over 5 years to deliver an authentic version of a centuries-old favorite. It is brewed starting with a Belgian water profile which highlights the malt and esters characteristic of this style.  Second generation yeast that was fed by our Belgian blonde creates fruity esters that complement the medium bodied style. To accentuate the slightly toasted grain bill, we make several additions of Belgian Candi sugar that brings this style full circle. The final act of this beer is portrayed through light spice, a subtle bitterness, and a hint of orange peel contributing to the aroma and taste.

Rough & Ready Double IPA - 10.3%

Released four times per year. This heavyweight double IPA has a strong pine and resin hop bitterness, checking in at 100 IBUs. Some light citrus hop aroma rounds out the hop character. A strong malt body provides enough sweetness to support the bitterness, and dark golden color. This beer was specifically designed to complement, not overpower, our rotating lineup of lagers.

Aged Russian Imperial Stout – 9.4%

Released once a year in winter. A big, bold ale with an inky black color and a roast character that brings out notes of coffee and chocolate.  Strong bittering hops provide a subtle spice character to enhance the malt body.  After aging for more than a year, this beer is sometimes conditioned in a variety of oak casks or barrels to complete its robust flavor profile.