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Job Description ­- Cellarman 

Reports To: Head Brewer and Brewmaster

Description Summary: 

The Cellarman is responsible for the duties involved with the fermentation cellar and all beer released to packaging. Wort is made in the brewhouse, but beer is made in the cellar. The quality of our beer can be greatly affected by the cellar processes. Ensuring quality must be the Cellarman’s primary focus to ensure the quality and integrity of our product. 

The Cellarman is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing fermentation and conditioning tanks, as well as transferring beer from tank to tank, ensuring the beer is transferred slowly and in an aseptic manner. The Cellarman is also responsible for monitoring the fermentation of beer, the cooling of fermenting and conditioning beer, and carbonating beer to the correct level. The Cellarman also cleans and sanitizes product lines and other equipment as well as the general working environment in the cellar.  

Other duties of the Cellarman include cleaning the floors, outsides of tanks, miscellaneous parts, floor drains, catwalks, filtration equipment, brewer’s office work area, cellar racks, and containers. In addition, the Cellarman is also responsible for checking dissolved oxygen of the beer, and any other task in the cellar that is deemed necessary. The Cellarman may be required to work as part of the packaging team. No job is too big or too small for the Cellarman to complete. 

The Cellarman should expect to work a minimum of 30 hours per week, up to 12 hours per day if necessary depending on the production schedule. Overtime may be performed as needed if management allows. The Cellarman is an hourly, at­will employee supervised by the Head Brewer and the Brewmaster. A minimum of 1 years work experience in a professional brewery setting is a requirement for this position. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Come in, on time,  prepared to work. Understand the day's objective by communicating with the other cellar/production staff, if present. 
  • Proper personal protective equipment is required to be worn during the entire shift. 
  • Double check the volume of CO2 in the morning before the start of the run and adjust accordingly. 
  • Assist Packaging Manager with preparations for canning and serve as part of the packaging team if necessary. 
  • Coordinate with the packaging crew and release beer to packaging when ready. 
  • CIP transfer lines and transfer any beers that are scheduled and ready to the appropriate conditioning tank. 
  • Clean all tanks that are empty, dirty, and need to be cleaned. 
  • Complete fermentation checks.