Who We Are

Arches Brewing is a craft brewery located just south of Atlanta, near the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. We focus on bringing the best of old-world tradition and modern brewing practices together to offer many traditional lagers, Euro-inspired ales, and creatively brewed small batch beers. Our biochemist-brewmaster brewed our first batch in 2005 with the idea that beer could be made better through chemistry. Over the years we've developed over 50 distinct recipes, many of which are brewed commercially today and served in our Tasting Room. We have a strong emphasis on classic lagers, but also brew many American styles along with several Euro-inspired ales. We believe that doing things the old way, while it may take longer, makes for a cleaner, more complex and delicious end result. 

Our History

The name Arches Brewing celebrates our long history as home brewers. Over the past decade, each recipe has been carefully developed, refined, and brewed under the four brick arches of Jamey's 1920 Colonial-style home in East Point, GA. Our logo was inspired by two of our core values - simplicity and quality. Each pillar represents one of our five founders of Arches Brewing.

Our Focus on Water Chemistry

Our water obsession started a decade ago when we realized that great beer started with great water. As home brewers, we were continuously trying to find ways to give our beer more depth and authenticity. Over time we realized that water was a critical piece of the puzzle. Today as a commercial brewery, our pursuit of perfect water continues. In 2017, we installed a well system that delivers consistently cold, clean, natural spring water into the brewery from an underground aquifer located 450-feet below the surface. This water becomes our starting point for each water profile. In many case, our water profiles are modeled after the city or region where the style originated, or a suitable water profile to accentuate certain characteristics. Through water chemistry, we believe it allows us to create more complex flavors, depth, and cleanliness that our styles are historically known for.