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Dr. Apples

Atlanta, Georgia

Lacye A. Brown was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She began doing art when she was little and continued to experiment with various forms of art throughout her life. She went to college briefly and focused on writing but became disinterested in the field. She took a break from college to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Lacye directed her attention towards becoming a visual artist making contemporary large scale pieces. She eventually gravitated towards sculpting. While going back to school for business, she created a small business called AppleHead Toys to sell her brand of miniature sculpts. As the years progressed, she added other techniques to her sculpting. After feeling stagnant with her art, Lacye took a few years away from the art scene. A Halloween art show triggered her desire to sculpt again. For the show, she created a 3ft sculpture titled Dr. Apples.

After creating the character, she began developing his back story and soon dedicated her time and efforts to showcasing the magnificent world of Dr. Apples. She fell in love with Dr. Apples because she could apply her life’s lessons and crafts to articulating his story. She can apply all of her spiritual, emotional and life experiences to articulate a cohesive universe. Now, she enjoys using all of her talents to materialize his world via art, literature, film & TV. Know that everything created from Dr. Apples’ world comes from the soul of a creative’s heart.

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