Mexican Empire

A style of beer more closely associated with mexico than its home of origin. Dark Copper hue from the kilned Vienna malt and a touch of debittered roasted malt. Light noble hop aroma and slight bitterness take a back seat to the rich, nutty malt profile.

Low Viz

A blend of classic and newer American hop varieties to produce notes of Citrus, Stone Fruit and Gummy Worms. A healthy addition of flaked oats and GA malted wheat result in a cloudy appearance and silky-soft mouthfeel.

Southern Bel'

Belgian Blonde with a traditional pale malt character and slightly toasted biscuit notes. A smooth dry finish accentuated by cloves and fruity Belgian esters. Lightly hopped with a gentle earthy aroma and aged on Palo Santo chips which give it a hint of coconut.

Southside Lager

A highly sessionable American Amber Lager which displays an outstanding balance of high-quality malts and floral, noble hops.  

Lloyd's Light

"Whatever man, it's just Beer"

Queen's Weiss

Modeled after a traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen. A simple light-bodied ale, with a high wheat content to give crispness and a cloudy pale yellow color. Subtle noble hop bitterness is present with yeast providing notes of banana, bubble gum and clove. 

Seasonal Release

Winters Night

This traditional European dark lager is characterized by a striking dark color and a strong malt flavor. It is complemented by an elusive light mouthfeel which offers a clean crisp finish. 

Bohemian Riot

We've collaborated with North Carolina's Riverbend Malt House to develop a custom batch of floor-malted Barley which creates the unique flavor profile of this marquee style. Saaz hops add a slight bitterness while allowing spicy and herbal aromas to show through.

Heritage Helles

This beer’s grain bill consists of Pilsner Malt grown in Germany and malted in Durham, North Carolina by Epiphany Craft Malt. 

Black Gold

Built on a traditional Schwarzbier base, this German dark lager blends light notes of roast and chocolate with a floral and spicy hops. A subtle hop profile featuring noble German hops provides just enough bitterness to balance the beer’s signature roast character.

Limited Release

Southside Grind

A caffeinated spin on Southside Lager, this cleverly brewed variant is dry-hopped with mosaic and cold infused with organic whole bean coffee, sourced from Fair-Trade farmers in Honduras and roasted by Rev Coffee Roasters in Smyrna, GA. The elegant and subtle sweet strawberry and blueberry notes complement the balanced malty foundation of this classic lager.

Mystik Bock

Traditional German Bock was lagered through winter to be consumed with the coming of the spring.  The strong, sweet malt character is the hallmark of the style, with a deep amber color.  Minimal hop bitterness and a clean finish allow you to truly enjoy the toasted grain and caramel flavors in the body of the beer.


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