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COVID-19 Precautions

Welcome to Arches Brewing, we are so happy to host all of our awesome guests. Please follow these simple rules and help keep our staff safe so they can keep your cup full.

1. Mask on when not at your table.
2. Please do not move furniture to other

3. Please place all cups in bus tub and waste

  in trash bins.
4. Be respectful of those around you and

  patient with our staff.

Times are hard, we can all use a beer. Following these simple rules will allow us to provide you with a safe and pleasant environment in which to enjoy your beer.

Ordering a Beer
Please find a seat at a table. Follow instructions on table-specific sheets to have your beer delivered to you.



  • Due to Georgia law, we cannot ship or deliver beer.

  • You must be 21+ years of age and pick up your order curbside at the brewery with a valid ID.

  • Georgia law limits 288oz (one case) per customer per day. 

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