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Thrillist: "The Absolute Best Breweries In Atlanta"

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Thrillist Article By Mike Jordan, and Joshua Robinson

Once crowned by the legendary Ale Sharpton as the most underrated brewery in Georgia, it’s safe to say that Arches Brewing has built an impressive reputation for itself over the last couple of years. There was a time when Arches Brewing only did beers that represented a hybrid of Old World Belgian and new-school American -- not that anything was wrong with that. But since head brewer Justin Ramirez joined the team, there’s been a noticeable upshift in adventurous deliciousness. The stellar Low Viz IPA and instant-classic Mexican Empire Vienna lager are still prime picks, but you also can’t go wrong with its Southside-themed brews. As a way of showing its neighborhood pride, Arches is currently offering a week-long special in which visitors get 10% OFF any draft beer if you support a local business in Hapeville, East Point or College Park. Pull up with a receipt from a tri-cities business to redeem your “Southside” discount—most preferably on the Southside Lager or the Southside Grind Lager.

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