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97 Rating - Sirène by Arches Brewing

Sirène by Arches Brewing is an International Pale Lager brewed by Arches Brewing, judged as BJCP Category 2A.

This beer's aroma has considerable hop character, primarily herbal and floral. Pilsner malt aroma is secondary and adds bready and light honey qualities. It is clear, golden in color and has a dense white head. The flavor is also hoppy and similarly herbal and floral. Moderate bitterness gives way to a flavorful yet attenuated malty finish. The pils malt flavor is crackery and grainy. This beer is crisp with medium body and moderate high carbonation. Overall, this beer is supremely well balanced and a world-class brew. Its flavors are individually familiar but come together in a way that is particularly delicious. It's always a fun surprise to find an exciting take on a common style. This is a stellar beer -- one of the best I've had all year.

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